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the simple fence post repair system


I ordered a set of Post Buddys. Went to do the job in hand and it actually took me longer to get my tools out of my garage than it did to fix the post! Simplicity in design brilliant in application!

Adrian L, Doncaster

I tackled the broken post this morning and the job was finished in less than 30 minutes. The post is now firm and ready for the winter. The Post Buddy system is a brilliant idea and I’ll definitely order another set when the next post breaks!

D Morton, Bristol

I purchased two of your brilliant Post Buddy’s and they were a complete success. It has saved me a lot of money in not having to try and dismantle the Fence and dig up the concrete I can really recommend your product. Thanks a million.

K Jenkins, Carmarthenshire

I just felt compelled to express my deep pleasure in waking up this morning & seeing all my wooden fence posts standing proud & unbroken. For what it’s worth, I look on Post Buddies as one of those eureka moment inventions. I will be ordering some more in the near future to complete my fence post defence project!

I Dickson, Lincoln

Thanks for saving me a lot of hassle this weekend digging up old concrete to repair a broken fence post. It took me about 15 minutes to have the post repaired and upright. Nice and sturdy without wrecking the garden digging everything up. I would recommend to anyone who has the same problem

Martin W, Rugby

Very happy with the product. Ideal, simple solution to snapped fence posts. I ended up ordering a few more for fence posts that were showing signs of breaking just to strengthen them

M Brown, Tyne and Wear

I want to say a big thank you. I came across Post Buddy during a ‘surf’ on the internet and immediately was impressed enough to order 2. I watched the video and successfully installed the Post Buddy to mend the broken post. With new found confidence I then successfully re-aligned, screwed and nailed the damaged panel! Job done in less than an hour for an outlay of just over £20. Brilliant.

M Warbry, Aylesbury

This product is the ‘dogs whatsits’ , whoever designed this is a genius. Had 2 posts snap at the base during a storm a couple of weeks ago. Local fence fitter said I need a whole new fence £600 !!!! Fixed this in the two posts and saved myself a fortune. I was dubious as to how it would work. Used a heavy mallet and no problem at all. Brilliant….thank you very much

Ray I, Bude, Cornwall