the simple fence post repair system

Benefits of Post Buddy fence repair

  • The easy, yet effective DIY solution to repair broken timber fence posts
  • Tried and tested – over 200,000 Post Buddy stakes sold
  • Saves hours of hard work - no need to dig up the post or take the fence apart
  • Powder coated steel for strength and durability
  • 2 Post Buddy repair stakes will turn your rotted, leaning fence post into a solid, straight fence post in minutes!

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You can forget these costly and time-consuming ways of fixing broken fence posts

Before Post Buddy, your options were limited to these ...
Ignore the leaning fence
And wait for the chain reaction, as one broken post pulls down the next. Then helplessly watch as a storm blows your whole fence down.
Pay a contractor
To repair or replace the rotted fence and at great expense watch them trample all over your beautiful plants.
Replace the post yourself
Spend hours of back-breaking work digging, taking the fence apart, breaking up concrete. Then spend a few more hours installing the new fence post.
Use an inferior repair
And after hours of preparation, despair as the metal repair spur goes in at the wrong angle and can’t then be adjusted. Or spend ages digging to fit an ugly concrete spur.

Now there's Post Buddy,
the quick and easy fence post repair

With Post Buddy you can...
Save money and do it yourself
The Post Buddy system is so easy to use, anyone can do it. Much less expensive and disruptive than a contractor, the long, slim metal repair stakes can be fitted in the tightest of spaces, without damaging your much-loved plants.
Save time and effort
Quickly and effectively mend your broken post where it stands. Simply drive the repair stakes into the ground between the fence post and the concrete base, screw into place and your post is solid and straight once again. Post Buddy will give your fence support for years to come.
Fix any size concreted-in fencepost
Once installed, the flexibility of Post Buddy fence post repair allows you to pull the post fully straight, before finally securing it into place. The system's unique design will fix and support any size or shape wood post. Powder-coated in brown to blend with your garden.
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