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the simple fence post repair system


Will the Post Buddy system work on fence posts which are not set in concrete?

The Post Buddy fence post repair system is specially designed to work on fence posts which are set in concrete.  In fact, they are unlikely to provide a good fix for fence posts not set in concrete.

The existing concrete base acts as a solid anchor for the Post Buddy system to grip to. We do not recommend the use of our system on posts which are not set in concrete, as we cannot guarantee the post will be properly fixed.

Will Post Buddy work for a post which has completely broken in 2 with only the stump remaining in the concrete?

Yes, Post Buddy will repair a post which has completely snapped. It’s not an uncommon situation to be in.

Many customers have contacted us after repairing a fence which had completely fallen over because their fence posts have broken in 2.

You can drive the Post Buddy repair stakes into the remaining underground stump of the fence post the way we describe in our installation instructions for a rotted, leaning post. You will then need to raise the snapped-off part of the post into place and align it with the fence post stump so that the Post Buddy can be screwed into place, thereby re-joining the 2 parts of the post, making it whole and strong again.

You will need some kind of temporary support to hold the broken post in place while you carry out the repair. A 2nd pair of hands perhaps, or a rope slung around a tree and the post, or a wood prop. The temporary support can of course be removed once the repair is complete.


How do I drive the Post Buddys into the concrete base?

You do not have to drive the Post Buddys into concrete.

Our fence post repair stakes are designed to be driven into the ground between the fence post and the surrounding concrete base.  Hammer in each Post Buddy stake angled slightly towards the post and the point of the Post Buddy will driven into the below ground wood.  The concrete base is bypassed.  It stays fully intact and actually acts as a solid anchor for the Post Buddy system. To better illustrate this please view our instruction video.

What type of hammer do I need to drive in the Post Buddy repair stakes?

We recommend using a 4lb lump hammer. You could use a smaller lump hammer but it would be more difficult to drive the Post Buddys in and the repair will, therefore, take longer.

Will Post Buddy repair a fence post if the wood has rotted below ground?

Over time the wood of a fence post weakens, especially at ground level, where the almost constant contact with damp soil causes it to rot. During high winds the post will then snap. Protected by the concrete base, the below-ground wood of the post will stay intact and solid for many years.

On rare occasions, when a fence post has been left broken and leaning for too long, the rot can start to spread below ground. This can eventually soften the underground wood and make it ‘mushy’.

In this unusual situation a Post Buddy repair may not provide a good fix.

If you are concerned this may have happened to your fence post, you can easily test it using a long screwdriver. Simply insert the point of the screwdriver into the post at ground level and push downward. If you meet some resistance, the wood should still be solid enough for Post Buddy to repair the post.

Can I install the Post Buddy repair stakes to the front and back of the fence post or does it have to be front and side, as shown in the video?

The 2 Post Buddy fence post repair stakes can be installed either to the front and back of the fence post or to the front and side. Both will work equally well. Where you position your repair stakes depends on the type of fence you have. To view the diagrams showing the different options and full installation instructions, please click here.

Why is there a MAX line on the Post Buddy?

The Post Buddy stake should not be driven into the ground further than the MAX (maximum) line. Driving it in beyond this marker would not leave enough of the Post Buddy above ground to secure to the fence post.

What if I can’t drive the Post Buddys in as far as the MAX line?

The Post Buddy repair stakes need to be driven in to as near the MAX line as possible. However, when you get to the point where it will go no further, that means the stake has found enough anchor to re-fix the fence post.

My fence post/fence is not a standard size. How many Post Buddy stakes do I need to fix it?

The number of Post Buddys required to fix a fence post is not related to the size of the post or fence. You will need 2 Post Buddy stakes to fix 1 fence post no matter what the size of the post or fence. Please take a look at our How It Works page, where you will find detailed instructions.

Will Post Buddy work with Metposts or other fence post spikes?

No, Post Buddy fence post repair will not work on posts which have been installed using Metposts or other fence post spikes.

Will Post Buddy fix a fence which has totally snapped?

Yes, Post Buddy will work on a post which has totally snapped.

Will Post Buddy work on a round post?

Yes, Post Buddy will work on a round post, as long as your post is set in a concrete base. It’s the concrete base which is important, as it provides a firm, below-ground anchor for our system. You will need to position the Post Buddys as close to directly opposite each other as possible when fixing a round post.

What is the size and weight of each Post Buddy fence post repair stake?

Each single Post Buddy stake contained in a 2 pack measures approx. 750mm long x 25mm wide x 5mm thick and weighs approx. 750g

Do Post Buddy stakes come in different sizes and what size will I need?

No, Post Buddy stakes come in only one size. It’s a case of 1 size fits all.

Each Post Buddy measures approx. 750mm long, 25mm wide and 5mm thick. This size has been proven to work on any size fence post, provided it is set in a concrete base.

What size/type of screws will I need?

You will need good quality 5mm x 50mm wood screws for outdoor use. Decking screws work well. Each Post Buddy stake has 8 screw holes, which is the number of screws required to firmly secure 1 Post Buddy stake. You will therefore need 16 screws in total to repair 1 fence post.

Do Post Buddys come with screws?

Post Buddys do not come with screws, but you can choose to add them to your order at a small extra cost.  You can find the option to add screws on our Buy Now product page.

Our screws are good quality 5mm x 50mm exterior-use wood screws. For your convenience, we sell them in packs of 16, which is the number needed to secure 2 Post Buddy stakes. Once you have selected to add screws to your order, we will automatically send you the number of screws to match your order of Post Buddy stakes.

Our screws are suitable for Pozi and Phillips screw bits.

Please note: screws are not sold separately.

What type and size of screws are available to add to my Post Buddy order?

Post Buddys do not come with screws, but you can choose to add them to your order at an extra cost.  You can find the option to add screws on our Buy Now product page.

Our screws are good quality 5mm x 50mm exterior-use wood screws. They are suitable for Pozi and Phillips screw bits.

Please note: screws are not sold separately.

Will the Post Buddy system work on broken gateposts?

We cannot unfortunately recommend our system for gateposts. The stresses exerted on a gatepost are much greater than those exerted on a fence post. Given these extra stresses, we cannot guarantee that Post Buddy will effectively repair a broken gatepost.

Can I buy Post Buddy in the shops?

Post Buddy is currently not available in any shops. Purchases are through this website only.

Is Post Buddy shipped from within the UK?

Yes, Post Buddy orders are shipped from Hinckley, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Tell me about delivery?

All our stock is held by our Order Fulfilment partner BOXstation, based in Leicestershire.

When you order from our website, the stock is picked and packed in their warehouse, then shipped by DPD.  Orders placed before 2pm on a business day will usually be dispatched the same day. Once dispatched, delivery is usually next working day to addresses in mainland UK and 2 – 3 working days to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands. (NB: exceptions can occur and these dispatch and delivery times are, therefore, not guaranteed.)

Once the order is with the courier, you will receive an email with the tracking code/parcel ID so you can keep a check on the progress of your shipment. For full details please see our delivery policy

What if I’m not in to take delivery of my order?

That’s no problem at all!

Once your order has left our warehouse, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email from our courier, DPD, providing you with delivery information and a tracking reference. (if you can’t see this email in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder). If you have provided a valid mobile number, you will also receive SMS text updates from DPD. You will be able to track the progress of your delivery by going to the DPD website at

On the website you will also find many delivery options to choose from. The options include: leaving your delivery with a neighbour of your choice, having your package delivered to a nearby pick-up shop or choosing a safe location around your home and garden where the DPD driver can leave your package. You can easily make arrangements to suit your needs.

Please note: It is up to you, the buyer, to make any delivery arrangements directly with the courier. Once the delivery process has started (immediately after receipt of the order), we can no longer make any changes.

Deliveries are subject to the courier’s terms & conditions of trading.

How much is postage and packing?

P&P is a flat rate of £6.95 for anywhere in the UK, except Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands. The cost of P&P to these areas is £11.95. The amount of postage due will be automatically calculated at the checkout.

How can I pay?

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard debit and credit cards, AMEX, Discover and PayPal.


How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel from the moment placed your order and up to 14 days after the date of delivery. You must inform us you wish to cancel by email to, providing your full name and order confirmation number.

You then have a further 14 days from the date you notified us of your cancellation, in which to return the goods.

For full cancellation and return details please click here

What is your returns policy?

You must inform us you wish to return your order by email to, stating your full name and order confirmation number.

You can find our full return policy and instructions here

Please read the return policy carefully. Following the instructions correctly, will speed up the refund process.

What are TrustPilot reviews and what does the rating mean?

Post Buddy use Trust Pilot, the independent review platform, to gather honest, unbiased reviews from our customers.

Once an order has been submitted, TrustPilot generate an automatic email, asking customers to review their purchase via a star rating system. You can also add a written review.  There will be a reminder email a few days later.

All reviews are used; good, bad or indifferent. The stars Post Buddy receives from the reviews are added together and aggregated, giving an average trust score and star rating.
Whether you leave a review is obviously entirely up to you, however, the reviews are very helpful to future customers and are much appreciated.  Reviews can be accessed by clicking through the TrustPilot links on this site or on the Trust Pilot website.

If you want to know more about TrustPilot, please view the information provided in our privacy policy and our terms & conditions. You can find links to these pages at the bottom of our website. Or visit the Trust Pilot website directly at , where you can read all our previous reviews.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Sale?

To review Post Buddy’s full T&Cs either select the link at checkout or on the black footer. Or simply click here.

Do you ship to countries other than the UK?

We currently also sell our product in the U.S.A. and Canada.

U.S. and Canada orders are processed and fulfilled quickly and efficiently by

We hope that, with the help of Amazon, we will soon be able to allow residents in other countries to get their hands on our brilliant Post Buddy fence post repair.


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