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the simple fence post repair system

Post Buddy Special Design Features


Post Buddy, the easy fence post repair system, has several special design features, which make it the best DIY post repair you can buy.

And here they are:

• The chisel tip – helps guide the Post Buddy stakes into the correct position and makes it easier to penetrate the below-ground wood of the fence post.

• The sawtooth ribbing – running along the bottom 1/3 of the repair stakes, the saw-tooth ribbing adds extra grip which means, once installed, Post Buddys cannot be dislodged. Your fence post will still be standing after the next storm.

• The elongated screw hole – allows for important final adjustments. The Post Buddy is loosely screwed to the post through this hole. The elongated shape lets the screw slide up and down in the hole, which allows you to pull the post completely upright before the final fix. Result: a perfectly straight post.

• ‘This side face out’ and ‘MAX’ line and – these markings on the Post Buddy make installation simple. They clearly show the correct way to insert the Post Buddys and how far to drive them into the ground.

These special features make Post Buddy super quick and easy to install, whilst also making them effective and long lasting.
Post Buddy saves time, effort and money. No wonder it’s the top-rated DIY fence post repair.

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