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the simple fence post repair system

So Many Broken Fence Posts, So Little Time


Most people don’t have the time or motivation for the laborious, time-consuming job of digging up and replacing the broken posts. Or can afford the cost of paying a contractor to do it. Thankfully, there are quicker, easier, and cheaper solutions. Simple fixes. No digging required! A system such as Post Buddy, which consists of 2 slim steel stakes, driven deep into the underground wood of the fence post. Once they are firmly anchored into the wood and surrounding concrete base, the repair stakes are loosely screwed to the post just above the damaged section, bridging the damaged section. The flexibility of this repair system, which is unique among DIY fence post repairs, allows the post to be pulled straight before fully tightening the screws. And voila! A solid, upright fence post once again. And all done in a matter of minutes!

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