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the simple fence post repair system

How to easily repair a storm-damaged fence post


Here is how to repair your fence post the quick, easy way:

  1. Remove enough of the soil around the bottom of the broken post(s) to reveal the concrete base.
  2. Place the tip of the 1st stake in position where the fence post meets the concrete base
  3. Drive the 1st stake into the ground on the front side of the post as far as it will go, but no further than the ‘MAX’ line (Heavy duty protective gloves should be worn)
  4. Repeat this step with the 2nd repair stake, either on the side of the post (as near the fence panel as possible) or on the back (directly opposite the 1st stake)
  5. Pull the fencepost straight. Loosely attach a screw to the post through the centre of the elongated hole at the top of each repair stake using good quality external grade wood screws, measuring 5mm ( inch) x 50 – 60mm (2 – 2   inch)
  6. Now the repair stakes are loosely attached, the screws can easily slide in the elongated holes.
    Unique to only this type of fence post repair, you can then make final adjustments to ensure the post is completely straight. (ideally with the aid of a spirit level)
  7. Keep the post straight, whilst you fully tighten the screws in the elongated holes, then finally secure the steel stakes to the post through the remaining screw holes
  8. Your wood post is now securely fixed.
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